Save your back with the Original E-Z Barrow Harness

Heavy Lifting Has Never Been Easier Than When Using the Original E-Z Barrow Harness

Patented Product

E-Z Barrow Harness.

Imagine having a simple and affordable piece of equipment for yourself and / or your workers that reduced the amount of heavy lifting wheeling heavy materials on and off the job site. What I am talking about is the Original E-Z Barrow Harness. A simple harness system designed to help minimize back, knee, ankle, wrist and shoulder injuries common when using a wheel barrow on a job site. But it gets better, not only will it help minimize injuries due to heavy lifting, it also makes lifting easier, which means less energy burned in turn helps get the job done faster. Less injuries and a team that is not as exhausted at the end of a workday due to the help from the E-Z Barrow Harness. Contact us to learn more, or simply place your order online today. 

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Residential Work

The E-Z Barrow Harness is perfect for residential work regardless of how big or small the job is. If there is a Wheel Barrow involved, it will help reduce the workload of all workers. Making them more efficient as they will not be burning as much energy as they would without the Harness. 


Commercial Work

Many commercial jobs are huge and require a ton of hauling heavy materials in and out of the job site. Therefore, utilizing the E-Z Barrow Harness, will allow your workers to not burn all their energy Wheeling materials all day. The end result is a more efficient work force due to the help of the Harness. 

Why Buy a E-Z Barrow Harness

Less Injuries

Less injuries means a more effective and efficient work force.

Affordable Pricing

Not only are the E-Z Barrow Harnesses affordable. They will help your bottom line as well. As having workers that are not as exhausted due to the help of the Harness, makes them more effective and efficient workers.


When your team as less injuries and not as tired, they work more efficiently.


Invest in your workers and they will work harder and now smarter for you!

Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

"I can't believe how much easier it is to work a full day hauling material around a job site with a wheel barrow while using the E-Z Barrow Harness. After 8 hours i am typically exhausted, but I still have energy after a days work with the help of the harness"

Jorge R.

Construction Manager

What an AMAZING product, our production will go way up because of it.
John Allison
Our team cannot stop talking about how much easier their job is becuase of the E-Z Barrow Harness. Awesome product
Alicia Potter
I wish this was around 10 years ago, a back saver and makes my job easier.
Edward B. Suarez

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